Pierce Gleeson is a UI designer and frontend developer. He lives in Dublin City.

I am

a designer and developer—primarily of websites—living and working in Dublin City Centre. You can call me a UI designer and frontend developer if you like, but that probably doesn't cover it.

I've been building for the web professionally for 15 years, riding the wave all the way from IE6 to the animated, multidimensional touchscreen future in which we currently find ourselves. You have no idea how much more fun it is to write CSS in 2019 than it was in 2002.

I've been working freelance for a number of years, but am currently interested in any and all opportunities. Please get in touch.



Hilltops is a panoramic mapping project maintained with Helene Pertl. It is an expanding range of peaks that can be navigated by line of sight.

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Ogham (/ˈɒɡəm/)
Ogham is the earliest form of writing in Ireland, it dates to around 4th century A.D. and was in use for around 500 years. The Ogham alphabet is made up of a series of strokes along or across a line. Ogham is sometimes referred to as the "Celtic Tree Alphabet" as a number of the letters are linked to old Irish names for certain trees. The alphabet was carved on standing stones to commemorate someone, using the edge of the stone as the centre line. They normally read from the left hand side bottom up, across the top and if need be down the other side. — Megalithic Ireland

A fluid, evenly-spaced sidescrolling array of mountain ranges with proportional heights. Adjusts as new hilltops are added. This took ages!

Crossword Creation Tool

This crossword tool was designed to reflect how I create puzzles using a pen and paper. It allows you to build a rotationally symmetrical crossword that you can then fill with clues and answers.

Have a go!

Crossword Creation Tool

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10
12 13 14
16 17 18 19
20 21
22 23 24
25 26 27
28 29 30 31
32 33
34 35
Created this tool in plain old HTML and jQuery when I couldn't find anything else attempting the same thing online. Features include
  • an array of templates,
  • a colour-flipping cursor state that maintains rotational symmetry
  • modal prompts to prevent data loss
  • automatic localStorage saving of progress
  • and a print stylesheet for printing the complete crossword as an unsolved puzzle.
Users have sent on crosswords from all over the world!

Tiptoe Cottage

Bespoke ExpressionEngine-powered site carefully tailored to particular client requirements.

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Rolling calendar with high and low season availability, prime weeks and booked dates.

Sloe Works

A inventory of projects—from printing to fiction other—designed in collaboration with Helene Pertl.

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A fluid css grid for images, allowing near infinite variety mixing landscape, portrait and square photographs.

Driven through ExpressionEngine custom fields.

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Square
Image Width
  • Full
  • Half
  • Third
  • Two-thirds

Photos are reapplied as background images using JavaScript, but it could easily be done with pure HTML and CSS.

Always meant to reuse this somewhere, but haven’t had the opportunity yet.

Grand Canal Hotel

If anyone ever asks you to implement a set of fluid, interlocking hexagonal images with a fixed-pixel-width border and have each one be a separate lightbox link and have them be client editable, just say no.

Website, I Guess?

The Maritime Hotel

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Urbanity Coffee

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Margareta Pertl

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Irish Local Development Network

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Carlton Hotels

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Da Vinci’s Hotel Derry

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Heat Death of the Internet

The web is a punishing medium for archivists. A growing list of client work lost in the mists of time.

  • Bewleys Hotels
  • Castlemartyr Resort Hotel
  • Lough Erne Resort
  • Number 31
  • Renvyle House Hotel
  • Druids Glen Resort
  • Killashee House Hotel
  • Pembroke House Hotel
  • Mespil Hotel
  • Der Salzburger Hof
  • Sandymount Hotel
  • Rome Times Hotel
  • 4 Seasons Hotel Monaghan
  • Absolute Hotel Limerick
  • Belmore Court
  • Keadeen Hotel
  • Bookassist.org
  • Hotel Secession Wien
  • Lee Hotels
  • Arcotel Nike Restaurant
  • Osprey Hotel