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I am a freelance web/user interface designer who's been designing and building sites professionally for more than ten years.

Prior to freelancing I worked at bookassist for five years, a hotel technology company based in Dublin and Madrid. While there I designed, coded and delivered websites for dozens of hotels across Ireland and Europe. You can find a selection of those sites I’ve worked on below.

Outside of client work, I am an inveterate experimenter with an interest in the potential of the web as a forum for artistic expression. Everything I make, in some shape or form, ends up on the Internet. A selection of such projects are listed here.

Please contact me if you would like to talk about anything I might be able to help you with.


I've been designing CSS & semantic HTML layouts since 2003, moving on to HTML5 and CSS3 as they've become viable. For front-end JavaScript I typically use jQuery. I am increasingly applying CSS animation to my work, most often using the animate.css library. I do not generally favour layout frameworks, but have experience with Bootstrap and others. Everything I design and implement is responsive. I am a decent typographer, particularly excited by improving tools for typographic treatment of body text online. My CMS of choice is ExpressionEngine, in which I am very experienced, but I have worked with many others over the years. I write PHP when there's something I want it to do. I am not lately a coder, but I have a degree in software engineering and can quickly get up to speed in any language. I've worked in some very search engine orientated markets, and have a good understanding of best practices for usability and optimisation. I can manage a .htaccess file. My writing skills are better than most. I can take and process a decent photograph, but can't everyone these days?

Writing & Other

I write fiction, and have been publishing short stories online at for more than nine years. You can find a selection of stories at that website below.

In 2013 I was published in The South Circular, a quarterly e-journal of short stories produced in Dublin. In January of 2011, 2012 and 2013 I participated in Januariad, during which I outputted one short story for every weekday of that month. The stories have been archived here. In 2011 I published two short stories in defunct Dublin culture magazine The Social.

I also have a project space with bookmaker and illustrator Helene Pertl called Sloe Works. Hand-screenprinted childrens' books containing my stories are available for sale at that location, most recently A Giraffe at the Door.

Recent Stories

  • A Sequence of Events It’s difficult to fully impress on people how precarious the machine is. Even though the whole delight of watching it go is its precariousness. Its absurd overcomplexity. It’s supposed to rattle, it’s suppose to shake. But people imagine that my appearance in a professional capacity brings me some control over the thing. This misunderstanding persists even after spending a week watching me fight with the parts. It’s barely controlled; that’s how it looks and that’s how it is.
  • Reading Books became difficult. He began to feel the weight of them. Not figuratively, but rather the simple and familiar heft of the reading material that, before now, he had never really considered.
  • Into the Clutch She asked Jason, one morning, about the previous night’s party, but he stared at her wall-eyed over his bowl of porridge. ‘The people,’ repeated Alice. ‘Last night. Visiting your parents.’ He shrugged almost invisibly in his loose dressing gown. ‘I don’t wake up at night,’ he said.
  • Four Million Followers But Twitter pages of individuals held a strange opacity of their own. A tiny mugshot, a list of tweets, and a personal network that you could sense but couldn’t see from the outside. Replies and retweets from other unknowable accounts. No context, no usable chronology. It was like having access to a stranger’s phonebook.
  • Evidence of Giants The two boys are grinning hugely. The one on the left holds his hands out towards his companion, like a quiz show model presenting a prize. The boy on the right stands bow-legged, his arms wrapped around a boulder sized object which, on close inspection, appears to be a human milk tooth of gigantic proportions.


Sloe Works